Just some of the hundreds of reviews/emails sent by happy customers!

Bob and Leigh Venning

Just to say how much we both love our new painting, it has the most wonderful way of slightly changing colours every time we look at it.

Sara Gordon

We love the rockpools series (we have two) and always look forward to the new ones, take care and keep painting!

Maureen Logan

Sorry to read you will be retiring, hope to meet up again before you stop painting as we would love another seascape of the islands.

Jane Milton Arnott

Many thanks for the two sea paintings, they are actually so amazing when you see them on the wall, photos just can't do your work justice. Really appreciated getting the extra photos after we first saw them online, helped make our choice easy! The light you paint in them is wonderful.

Pat Barrowman

Two friends and myself went to the exhibition in the park, end of May, and I have to say the setting is beautiful. So many lovely
paintings, and it was most interesting to have a long chat with the artist while browsing. Very pleased with my purchase too.

Jimmy & Lilian Cutler

Love looking over the website to see what's new, always something fresh catches our eye, lovely work

Maggie Thwaites

...sending you photos of the pair of Skye paintings in the new house, many thanks. Looking forward to your
park exhibitions again this summer, best of luck

Adrian & Kathleen Page

...thanks once more for the lovely islands paintings, we enjoy them on the dining room wall, beautiful work.

Jo Lorriman

After buying several online we just visited the studio of Pamela Randal, and really enjoyed seeing so many lovely pieces of art.

Avril Freeland

we recently went to the open studio day and spent a happy hour browsing - lovely little room, packed with colour! Bought two small paintings and commissioned a large canvas of a scene we love in the highlands. Highly recommended for a visit, plus the garden is lovely too.

Penny Waters

..... the colours in the sky and sunlight across the water, just stunning.

Mary Webb

Love your work Pamela, I am making a small collection of Scottish landscapes, most of them are yours :D

Simon Clarkson-Smith

Wonderful to now have a whole series of your bright paintings, we have displayed them in two groups (photo attached) really very pleased with them. Many thanks for the suggestions too.

Iris Gibbons
Thank you so much for the sea painting, just arrived. It is now the focal point of our lounge, and it is almost magical the way colours are different in the evening, one can just imagine the sun behind those huge clouds. Glorious use of colour and light.

Jeanette Freeman
Hi Pamela your website is a joy in these dark days, I have three of your seascapes and look forward to adding another when we finish decorating. Love your work, I always think how you must enjoy doing it every day as much as people enjoy looking at the finished painting

Alison Hutchings
Pamela, thank you so much for the joy of your art. From a birthday gift in 2007, to now I have 4 pieces for myself, and have
commissioned 4 more as gifts. I cannot put into words the pleasure your work gives to everyone who sees it.....

Jill Turnbull Brown
Pamela you are so clever, the way the colours zing in your landscapes and the light and texture in them is so clear and bright, please keep at it!

Marjory Younger
John and I would be happy to recommend anyone looking for beautiful bright contemporary art to go to see you at a show or at least visit the website, stunning paintings. We have two large ones and several small, all are just beautiful and give us a lot of pleasure every day.

Deanna Archer
I have several of the animals series - chickens, horse, leaping hares, and now one of the big foxes. Really love your work.

Tina Mannering
Hoping to get at least one of these lovely scenes for Christmas, otherwise words will be had! :)

Heather Stokes
We have now got three of the 'seasons' woodlands pictures, I love the way the textured paint and the light in them brings such life to the woods.

Evelyn Wilson
This lady paints, wonderful, lightfilled, gorgeous creations. I have now got five, and plan to keep adding to them.

Fergus Johnstone
Pamela, your paintings are brilliant. I could gaze at the seascapes all day, such a lovely use of colour.

Marianne McBeth
the cows are giving us a great deal of pleasure now they are finally hanging in the lounge! Thank you so much, love them

Janice Oaks
love the new pop-up, we came from Kilmacolm specially, great to see all your work on the walls plus the other lovely designers things

Archie Foyle
The seascapes are excellent now we have them up, it is lovely watching how the light changes each time we walk past and again in the evening. Beautiful use of colour.

Louise Rathbone
John and I want to thank you so much for sending the canvas to us, it was really well packaged and was a lot easier than trying to fit it in the car with all our cases! The cow is lovely on the wall in our dining room, love her.

Jackie Harper
we bought two from you at Luss last month, now enjoying looking at the others on the website, lovely paintings.

Annie Keith
you are so talented, the stunning light in my Lomond painting, it truly does glow, just magical. I want the whole series!

Sophia Alvarez
What fabulous colours you use, your art makes me happy sigh :)

Julie Carnell
my hare painting is safely home from Glamis, absolutely love it. Thank you.

Gillian Troup
Cannot tell you how truly delighted I am with my two seascapes bought at Glamis. They are absolutely gorgeous, and feel I have had my money's worth of enjoyment from looking at them already. Thank you Pamela!

Jim Brownlee
..really like our painting. I find myself, while looking at it, thinking I could just walk right in there. Thanks Pamela.

Kate Branning
loving my hares, the colours are different every time I look at them, brilliant. Sad I didn't get the large stag, maybe next time!

Tim North
looking forward to seeing all the new paintings at Gardening Scotland this year, we are hoping to get one to go with the bluebells bought last year.

Abi Skelding
..delighted with my hare! Just need to decide where to put him!

Sonja Hapgood
My painting just arrived safely, even brighter than I remembered when I saw it first. Everyone thinks it is perfect in my new flat, thanks so much.

Andrew McInnes
Once again we had the pleasure of seeing you at the weekend exhibition, and of course had to get two more for our collection. As always, much admired by visitors. Hope you continue to do well, and please keep to your promise of no prints!

Jane Crowley
I would like to express my thanks for the beautiful picture of the islands my husband bought for my birthday, the colours and sky are just wonderful...

Ed and Margaret Spencer
We love the painting Pamela, so pleased you were able to deliver for us in time for the presentation, thank you so much again. We will be coming to Scone as always.

June Grant
I have been looking for a good painting for a focal point in our living room for quite a while and could not be more pleased with the brilliant painting of many-coloured fields from you, thank you again for making it just what we wanted.

Mary Thomas
The canvas paintings of woodlands are stunning, I have a small one of autumn foliage and the loch, wish I had more wall space.

Dennis Low
This is a lovely website, but you need to see the paintings for real! I have two in my flat and plan on another as soon as possible!

Carolyn Walters
Very nice website, spent the evening looking at all your gallery pages after receiving a lovely painting for my birthday. We will try and meet up with you at an event this year.

Barbara Fielding
I enjoyed our trip to Helensburgh today, love the pop up gallery and such a shame you and your friends are only there for another week, hope you do it again. Love all your work, beautiful.

Sara Porter
...had to email you again to say thank you so much for helping Alan choose the painting for me, he did get it right! :)

John Foote
Very pleased with my painting of the two hares, thanks and will hopefully meet again soon

Sara Porter
Have a good Christmas Pamela, I am looking forward to seeing if Santa brings me the painting I kept hinting about!

Mike and Eilidh Vance
Hello Pamela, we wanted to leave a message to say your work is brilliant, recommend anyone wanting some well-executed contemporary art to get along and see you, and we love the three we have so far.

Lynne Wood
too many nice paintings to choose from, although very pleased with the horse racing one we have now. Hope to see you again soon.

Pat and Graeme Young
We loved visiting the gallery today, and could not be happier with the painting bought as our joint present, so nice to see original work on show and a pleasure to meet you.

Lesley Garrow
Hi Pam, meant to go on here last week to say how happy we are with the sunset painting, many thanks, your work continues to inspire me.

Kris Lingen
I am so pleased with my new painting, it is better than a Christmas decoration for lighting up the room, thank you.

Jack English
Excellent work Pamela, we have admired your work for a long time now and happy to say we now have four, having bought the woodlands scene yesterday. Keep it up!

Rhona Gillingham
really pleased to see the gallery doing so well, shame it's only a pop-up for a short while! I bought one of the horses paintings to go with another of yours, very happy with them.

Gina Carson
two friends and I came to your opening Saturday and really enjoyed looking round, I love my pastel paintings of Arran and the loch, and we were so pleased to see all the original work by everyone there, will be back during the week.

Jo Berenson
we hear you have a gallery opening at the weekend! Well done you and Raine for getting it together with friends and doing it, wishing you much success there - hope to call in while it is open!

Harry and Eilidh Maclaren
it was nice to see you last week, sending you a photo of the woods painting on the wall, we are very pleased and will be buying from you again.

Sarah Younger
once again we are thrilled to get a painting from Pamela for our new house, fabulous work.

Andy and Pat Emsworth
Great to see you again, the pair of little seascapes go so well in the dining room, thanks again for bringing them up to the show. Will be there at Gleneagles again.

Hope Chesterton
Pamela, your work is gorgeous, I am so happy with the one bought last week, thank you so much. My room is filled with the warmth and colour you have painted in those fields.

Debra James
Hi, what fabulous colours you use! I am in awe of anyone creative, and your pictures are just stunning. My friends have two of the big seascapes, and I am intending to come to one of the events in Perthshire next month to see for myself. May have to raid the piggybank and get a pair!

Yolande Grey
I really love your paintings, we have one of the spring woods and blue bells, and I plan to get another as soon as we can get to see you again. Very nice ones now on the website.

Freya Anderson
A belated thanks for the new painting delivered recently Pamela, I am so glad we met you last year, our house is so much brighter with your happy paintings!

Laura Forton
Great to see you again at the Boat Show, delighted with the new paintings, looking forward to the new one!

Caroline Tyndall
Thank you for the painting of Skye made for my husband, he is so thrilled with it. We will both be coming to another event before Christmas, many thanks.

Will and Sylvia Nicholson
Good to meet you at the weekend, we came specially to see your work as friends have two of them and we wanted one for our new house as we said. Totally blown away with the colour and textured effects in them, your work is stunning. I think we will be replacing all our old prints with Pamela Randal originals! Very happy to put a comment on here for everyone to see, recommend anyone looking for great contemporary artwork to go along and see you if they can. We even got a free little cow after buying two big paintings as a thank you!

Jane Carr
Super website, glad we bought the hares when we saw them as your paintings seem to go really quickly! Loving your work, will keep checking for new ones.

Freya Anderson
Looking forward to seeing you again next week, I hope you are bringing a lot of the big seascapes, we have Arran and Barra so far and hope to get another.

Vanessa Bering
great to finally meet you today at Chatsworth, great display of your work, and we are very pleased with the sunset painting we decided on.

Cherie Timpson
so pleased you are coming back to Chatsworth, I have to add to my set of paintings from you!

Gaye Storey
It was nice to meet you at the Borders show, just had the woodlands painting put up on the wall today and I really love it.

Pat Johnstone
I have just bought another original from Pamela, and highly recommend anyone wanting a bright special piece of artwork to check out this lady, you can see how much she loves to create her paintings.

Sue and Allan Mould
Love the hares, thank you so much for making the painting to fit the space we wanted. We will see you again soon I hope.

Don Poulson
I am very happy to recommend this lovely artist - we have bought two paintings from the website and could not be more pleased, the work and the framing are excellent.

Liz Macrae
Hi Pam love the website. The colours used are so vivid and vibrant, hoping to see you again soon to check out another seascape.

Chloe D
Horses, hens, cows, and now we have two hares. Please stop making such fun paintings as we are running out of walls.......

June and Darren Osborne
just a quick message to say how we are so happy with the two Tuscany pics. The colours have really brought warmth and life to the room, best of luck with the next show.

Laurie Gordon
fantastic cows Pamela, we shall have to add these to the collection!

Anna McConnel
had the great pleasure of seeing more of your lovely work last week, and so pleased to say we bought one of the big seascapes, very glad we decided on the Harris one, it is stunning catching the morning light. Well done and hope to see you later in the year back in Edinburgh.

Tom Larson
adding to the comments on your website about the magical quality of your beautiful paintings, we bought one of the large canvases at the Highland show, and could not be more delighted with it, every angle it is viewed from shows something new. Thank you!

Jen Clarke
very nice to talk to you today, can't wait to see my large cow painting, lovely website.

Sara Paton
....the cow on that bright orange, wow!! Can't wait to see all your new mad animals. Love them!

Wendy Finch
looking forward to seeing you next week, will be looking for something bright and cheerful for my new flat - maybe two if I'm tempted, as I usually am with your work. :)

Rona Webb
once again we had a great time at Gardening Scotland, the highlight being another great painting bought from you. Love it, just wish we had more walls.

Margaret Carling
lovely to meet you recently, we are so thrilled with the large woodlands landscape painting, already contemplating getting another for the opposite wall. Will be planning another day out to catch up with you again shortly.

Jon Winsor

I just wanted to leave a comment to say I have been catching up with the website, very interesting, as a struggling amateur myself I admire your technique and the use of colour, I really like the way you work and hope to be visiting one of the summer events to meet you (my wife has bought two in the past and we are both going to be at Ingliston end of the month) Hope to see you soon.

Ann Browne
..sorry we missed the Gleneagles show, will be catching up in Edinburgh for the garden show. Looking forward to seeing more of the new woods and canvas paintings in the flesh!

Greg and Nic Thomas
... loving our new painting, the trees, the light, the sunset, the fabulous colours, everything about it is glorious. It does just as you said, changes slightly every time we look at it. Beautiful work.

Rachael Soper
..very happy with my new big chickens painting for the new house, thank you so much! I hadn't a clue Robert had ordered it for me, love them. Sad to see both sunsets I had my eye on have now gone, will keep looking for the new ones and get in quickly!

Andy Hayes
..thank you Pamela, the painting arrived safely today and she is delighted with it - particularly taken with your use of textures and unusual colours like the gold and reflective paints. It is of course better in reality than any picture online could do it justice.

Tina and Martin Renwick
....thanks also for the painting safely delivered to us yesterday, it is even nicer than the photos from you showed, and goes very well with the summer flowers one that we bought last year. Have just recommended your paintings to friends who moved house and want some original artwork, does that mean we get commission on anything they buy.... :)

Bob Horrocks
We enjoyed meeting you at Gleneagles over the weekend, thoroughly enjoyed also the beautiful artwork in the exhibition, and we are so pleased with the sunset painting. Best of luck for the future.

Gina Porteous
Way to go Pam, great website! I usually check out your work etc on the facebook page, thought I should go to the website too, it's really good, well done to Simon for the design!

Karina Dawes
Hi Pamela, just found your website, lovely work on here, will be at Gardening Scotland again so will come and say hello there, probably get tempted again!

Ashley and Jim Connaught
we are thrilled with the second original painting from you, bought for our anniversary present by parents as a wonderful surprise! Thank you for doing this for us, all our friends love your pictures and we hope to see you during the summer at either Scone or Glamis. Let us know if you exhibit anywhere else in Perthshire too.

Andrew Mason
thank you for the painting of the sunset over Arran made for our living room, even though we had all the photos as you worked on it nothing compares to the real thing now it is finished and hanging up. Excellent work Pamela, thanks again.

Chris Tennyson
Hi Pam finally getting round to leaving a message on here for you, love all the paintings, really like the canvas ones you are doing this year, will be seeing you when we come up at Easter. We have more wall space....

Anne Stenman
Just spent a happy hour looking at all the paintings on this website, truly inspiring, lovely work, it looks like you really enjoy painting them. I hope we meet up sometime this year.

Eilidh Granger
I am really pleased with the pastel seascapes, the room now looks complete. I am now saving up for one of the big ones.

Susan and Graeme Marks
We are very happy with the new autumn birches and hills painting, your pictures are lovely, so much depth in them, you can imagine walking through the trees.

Kerry Weston
Happy New Year Pam, the paintings I bought for Christmas were all very well received - I know one recipient has also joined your facebook likers now too, look forward to seeing you again soon.

Brian Earl
...success with the painting present for my wife, thanks again for your help with framing etc. She was really surprised I had got exactly what she wanted! See you next time in Glasgow, Happy New Year.

Jean Malone
I love looking through your pictures on the website, and having finally joined facebook will be joining in on there too, we both like the little ones of sheep and also the floral paintings like my irises. We hope you come back North next year, and have a good Christmas, from Jean and Alistair.

Karen Small
wishing you a happy Christmas Pamela, we are really enjoying our paintings and look forward to seeing your new work in the New Year. Have a lovely time with the family, hope to see you soon. I have high hopes of getting more horses on the wall if Santa is good to me!

Liz McEwen
I have followed your work online for some time now, and so pleased to say I now have a lovely painting of my own, thanks to my husband who had bought one I admired a few weeks back and had hidden it until today for my birthday. Lovely colours, gorgeous light in the sky, perfect.

Ken and Denise Harrison
....and once again, we have had the pleasure of purchasing one of your lovely paintings. It's now hanging up in the planned place over the mantel, and is perfect. Thank you again, it's beautiful.

Ishbel and Tom McGregor
Lovely to see you in Glasgow again at the weekend, we finally got the painting up on the wall after moving it around different places to see where it caught the light best - it is fabulous, thank you so much. I read on here a while back someone saying how they recommend purchasing online from you, and we agree - the photos show the colours really well, then when you actually see the painting, wow! Every time we look there is something else in the way the light and colours shift, please stick to your guns about never doing a print!

Allan and Isabel Walsh
Hi Pamela we just wanted to put comments here for you as well as the email - just to say once again how much we love our big woodlands painting, we now have three of your pictures, and have been looking round to see where we can fit another as we plan on coming to find you again shortly! Isabel is probably writing a note to Santa asking for the horses now...... :)

Carol Naismith
....the painting bought at Gleneagles works so well with my room décor, I am so pleased I chose it. All your work is beautiful, I look at the website all the time and imagine which ones I would have if I had lots more walls to fill! Best wishes for the future and I hope we meet again.

Penny Smart
I am just adding comments on here to say how very happy we are with the painting recently delivered, another great piece of work from Pamela Randal Fine Art. We met Pamela at Scone last year and have since bought four more paintings, they are so full of colour and life, and I am sure we will get more in the future.

Will and Rena Upton
Looking forward to Gleneagles again this year, we bought the large silver-birch trees painting last time so hope to find another to go with it. Also have told friends to look in on your show there on the Sunday.

Belinda Sarten
Thank you again for the lovely painting of our horses, even though the colours are, as you say, 'a bit mad', we love it for just that reason, and the movement captured is just perfect. Great talking point for the living room wall!

Corinne Overton
...just wanted to tell you, I have just opened a fabulous present of one of your brilliant paintings, my husband sneaked back and bought it after we met you last week! Thank you so much for making me happy, and he got plenty of Brownie points for it too! We both love your paintings and look forward to seeing you again hopefully before Christmas.

Lawrence and Grainne Connors
Hello Pamela, what a great website, please put up some more of the big woodland lochside paintings, they are glorious. We just missed the one of Lewis we had seen recently, hope to get another to go with the picture we got at Glamis. Your work is great, you deserve lots of success, lovely lady :)

Becky Walters
I am so happy to have found your website, having first seen your work several years ago in Yorkshire. So many lovely things, and lots of ideas to point my husband in the direction of!

Jonathan Portman
lovely website Pamela, it was nice to meet you recently and we are very happy with the painting, will email you regarding the present discussed on Sunday. Keep doing the horses, love the movement in them and the wild colours!

Jac Newman
...sitting here smiling after reading your blog page, and decided to add a comment about it. I know what you mean about the persistent print people! I have one of your paintings and all the light effects etc would be lost if it were just a print. My aunt is also a painter and uses lots of collage, and is always complaining about those who come up and stand there going on and on about making her work into cards or calendars - it works for lots of people, but she is with you on certain styles being so much better in the original form, as they are intended to be seen. Keep to your principles! :)

Gayle Harrison
...finally had the opportunity to get one of your lovely paintings for myself, after admiring the ones two friends have. Having talked about them for ages it was still a surprise when colleagues gave me money to choose a painting as my retirement gift, and I am so happy with the gorgeous big canvas now up on my wall. I will have a lot of pleasure sitting looking at it, and I will also keep looking at your website just to enjoy all the colours.

Barry and Tanya Collinson
We have just put up the painting bought yesterday, and love it, well done for capturing the light on the water and the soft colours in the hills, beautiful work.

Jason and Margaret McKeown
Another happy customer here, we are thrilled with our latest painting, everything you do is always so full of light and colour, a pleasure to work with you turning our photo and ideas into a big painting. It will give us pleasure for many years to come, thanks again.

Carol Brownlees
just following up our phone call with a comment on here to say anyone thinking of purchasing a painting from Pamela online should just go for it! Seeing a series of photos was most helpful, and the actual painting is even better than expected. The colours are clear and fresh, the finish is excellent - and really well packaged too! We have one of the wonderful woods paintings as well as a seascape, and totally recommend Pamela's work to anyone who loves contemporary and affordable original art.

Paul Mercer
Just wanted to thank you for the painting made for Anneke, she is so happy with her original piece of art in pride of place in the living room, and thanks again for helping with sending the sketches etc, it was good to see how work progressed. That's three of your paintings now, we have had a lot of comments on them and hope to get some more in the future.

Marianne Camber
Thank you for the wonderful painting of Loch Lomond with the woods aflame with colour, I love it so much, very pleased with it. You are right about the colours moving in different light, I keep looking at it all the time.

Bryan and Joyce Lane
enjoyed meeting you in person yesterday, glad you are having such success at the moment! Your painting is giving us a lot of pleasure, and we are keeping an eye on the website to see what else we can be tempted with.

Olivia and Allan Michelson
...loving the new fields paintings on your new work page Pamela, also looking forward to seeing you at the art fair on Saturday, thank you for the tickets!

Erin Keyes
I am so pleased with my new painting, thank you. I also wanted to say how much I like the new ones of horses we saw recently, you capture movement so beautifully.

Deon Grace
Cool site - I enjoyed visiting this site, keep it up, cheers.

Dana Robertson
Hi Pamela, greetings from Texas! Friends have two of your fabulous splashes of color on their walls, and we have been admiring them for a while now, always checking the website for new work, will be visiting Scotland in the Fall and will try and come see you then. Take care, and keep painting!

Carla Ewing
......enjoying looking at the painting bought from you at the weekend, such wonderful colours and flooded with light, you are so talented, keep on doing them!

Paul Corson
....very happy with my painting which arrived safely this morning. Thank you again, it is going in pride of place above our big sofa and works really well with the room. Hope to see your work again before too long, we have a big anniversary coming up!

Owen and Carolyn Guest
...just home from Scone and have been sitting looking at the painting we bought today, it is just glorious, your use of colour and light is so clever. Will definitely be looking forward to seeing you up at Gleneagles later.

Ken and Suzanne Hawes
...we wanted to add our comments to your lovely and inspiring website, we have two of the large 'crofts' paintings, and love them to bits! Your use of colour is amazing, and the paintings are excellent in our new house. Hope to commission you later in the year and probably see you at Scone again.

Brenda Scott-Jameson
...the ponies you painted for my daughter are brilliant, she loved the colours in them and has already got both paintings up in her new flat. Many thanks for doing just what we wanted for the special present.

Iona Dawson
...thanks again for my bluebells woods canvas - it is full of light and we can just imagine walking through it, lovely work.

Lynnette Simmons
...very pleased with my Irises painting, my friends have all admired it a lot and one is going to get you to do a painting for her bedroom, she is coming to your next exhibition. We look forward to seeing you again later in the year.

Amy North
..cannot tell you just how much we love the picture of the woods we collected last week. It goes really well with the smaller one of Kelvingrove park, it is just beautiful, thank you again for making it for us.

Maura Longstead
I recently purchased a second painting in the Tuscany fields series, it is stunning up on my wall, the colours and light within it are so vivid. As someone else said of your work, happy paintings!

David and Ann Wardrop
...we cannot express to you how happy we are with the finished picture, and it has pride of place in our living room, I am sure that we will commission further paintings in the future...

Liz Heath
just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the woodland painting, even better up in the dining room! thanks again

Oliver Gage
...well done for painting the view from the old photo for me, thank you, it has brought back great memories of Skye.

Jackie Styles
painting arrived safely today, and we are just thrilled with it, thank you. Your work continues to make me happy whenever I see the glorious colours.

Ben Sommers
My wife and daughter and I visited your exhibition at the House for an art Lover yesterday, and we all greatly admired your art. Sadly the two we particularly like are sold, we will call you with regard to having one painted for us. You are very talented, lovely work. best regards the Sommers family.

Eleanor Dixon
I have just visited your exhibition at House for an Art Lover with some friends who know you, very lovely paintings, I will be emailing you as I would like one like Tuscany but larger. Clever artist, great use of colour and light.

Dora Goodman
Really happy we met you at Gleneagles, have already had many comments on our paintings bought from your exhibition, and hope to see you again soon. Have a Happy New Year, and keep painting your wonderful colours! Dora and Alex

Noreen Mansfield
I just bought two of your paintings last week, both were for presents and I thought I would let you know I am keeping one, it's too nice to give away - also will be seeing you at the Lomond sale weekend, we bought the large one of Glasgow last year there. Have a great Christmas

Allison Porter
Good evening Pamela, I am leaving a message here to let everyone know your paintings are absolutely beautiful, we have just got our fourth one and as before it is constantly admired by all who see it!

Will Unwin
What a beautiful painting of poppies, just seen on your website today, gorgeous work! We are coming to one of your exhibitions before Christmas, looking to add to our growing collection! Will and Sam.

John and Lesley
Hi just purchased one of your pastels oban bay 2006 it's a beautiful piece of work ,is it really a one off and you don't make prints ,if so were very very happy

Rachel Winters
I just wanted to say how brilliant the Autumn trees painting is, I check your website for new work all the time, and really thought I should let you know how lovely your work is. I have two small ones so far, hoping Santa brings me one of the big ones this year :)

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